What is Dynamic Keyword Insertion in AdWords?

Have you ever wondered how some companies seem to match their CPC ads in the sponsored search results? It seems that no matter what you search, they seem to have an ad that matches exactly what you are looking for? Here's an example.

CPC example

Google will allow you to dynamically insert ad copy into AdWords placements by using the {keyword:} operator. If I have a list of keywords that included car parts, Jeep parts and truck parts, I can set my ad to match the search so it would show "Buy Jeep Parts" or "Buy Truck Parts" or as the example below shows "Buy Car Parts." You must have these terms in your list of keywords in order for this to work.

Your ad's title How will it appear?
Buy {keyword:Car parts} Buy car parts
Buy {Keyword:Car parts} Buy Car parts
Buy {KeyWord:Car parts} Buy Car Parts
Buy {KEYWord:Car Parts} Buy CAR Parts
Buy {KeyWORD:Car parts} Buy Car PARTS
Buy {KEYWORD:Car Parts} Buy Car Parts

Please keep in mind that AdWords Capitalization Rules & Guidlines generally won't allow you to capitalize just any word. Acronyms (SEO for search engine optimization or PPC for pay-per-click) are okay and generally approved by Google when ads are reviewed.