deron williamsFifty Studio was recently invited to write a column for Utah Business Magazine titled "Hitting the Target: Successful Companies Must Develop an Online Marketing Plan." Here's an excerpt.

The Search Marketing Opportunity

In December of 2009, people from around the world told search engines what they were looking for more than 130 billion times, and search engines showed them correlating advertisements on every search. That was a 46 percent increase over 2008.

Fifteen years ago, advertising consisted of billboards, direct mail, TV, radio and a handful of other things that sought to target individuals in a crowd, and for direct mail purposes, a hefty postal bill came attached to it. Google and other tools made it possible to reach crowds of targeted individuals who showed interest in a specific product. One of those tools is called pay-per-click marketing (PPC). Google’s version of PPC is called AdWords.

PPC is a form of context-based advertising that allows companies to select and bid on specific terms that searchers type like “Utah family dentist” or “attorneys in Salt Lake.” Instead of companies hoping they’ll find a qualified buyer via traditional advertising, Google and other paid search platforms prescreen the buyers for companies, and companies don’t pay for the ad unless users click on it, hence the name “pay-per-click.”

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