Case Studies

Case studies give you the opportunity to see additional detail about certain projects. Here you can see how certain needs were met and why specific decisions were made during the development and implementation of some of our projects.


UTOPIA Website Design

UTOPIA is a consortium of Utah municipalities, organized to provide a fiber-optic backbone for internet server providers throughout the state. Competing with larger ISPs like Qwest and Comcast forces UTOPIA to be more nimble to adapt to current and future customer needs, or even worse, state legislators.

After discussing specific organization needs for the website, as well as how best to have current and potential customers interact with the site, we developed a specific design style to keep UTOPIA at the top of customers' - and cities' - minds.

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Fezzari Site Development

Rome wasn't built in a day. Neither was the Fezzari website. Not with all the custom features that make this site so unique. Specializing in high-end, custom-fit mountain and road bikes sold direct to customers, Fezzari needed to differentiate themselves from the rest of the cycling industry. Since the majority of the research done on their products is based online, the site had to impress visitors.

The site has spanned two years of development, with new features being added to keep Fezzari lengths ahead of the competition.

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Travel Agency* Internet Marketing

Some might claim that the internet has killed the traditional travel agency. We'd argue that's only the case if they choose not to evolve and adapt. One such travel agency was looking to harness the 'power of the web' (patent pending) to boost their traditional travel agency business.

As we developed and implemented some important new strategies, we learned some fascinating new things. Namely, there's still place for the traditional travel agency in this internet-driven world of ours.

* We keep many of our internet marketing client names confidential.

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