Case Study: UTOPIA


Government & Telecommunications


New Web Site Design, Database Development, Custom Content Management System Build and Integration,


Fifty Studio was hired by UTOPIA, a collective of 16 major Utah cities that joined forces to build a fiber-based telecommunications network.  The new website had to reflect the cutting-edge nature of the Utopia network while remaining simple and approachable to the average visitor.

The previous site had numerous menu items making it cumbersome to navigate and find the information you were looking for.  Part of this project was to redesign the flow of information.


The new Utopia website sports a clean new look with simplified navigation.  Users can now quickly and easily find relevant information that informs and educates.

We started by taking the original site, a design that focused on black and other dark colors, and flipped it on its head.  The new design is light, airy, and open.  This helped move the focus of the users to the actual content of the site instead of the weighty design.  Next we added some color to the palette with shades of yellow, orange, and red.  These colors carry on the concept of light - which is of course central to the technology of fiber optics.  These design elements, coupled with some slick looking cycling graphics powered by jQuery, complete the fancy new look.

The final product - a site that is both beautiful and extremely usable.  Not a bad combination.

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