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New website design, Custom shopping cart, Accessory recommendation engine, Custom search

Fezzari + Fifty

Fezzari Bicycles came to Fifty Studio a few years after they launched in 2005 and has now worked with us for more than a decade, something that is rare in service partners. Fezzari has become more than a case study as Fifty Studio has helped the bicycle company transition through multiple stages of growth and many iterations of their web presence and technology platform.

The original Fezzari site did not allow for online ordering, and their vision to become an online direct-to-consumer bicycle company was ahead of what has become one of the fastest growing consumer segments in eCommerce, DTC.

The Solution

Fezzari needed a partner, not a web firm, someone that could help through through the growing complexity of direct-to-consumer businesses that require custom eCommerce solutions, yet provide for a clean brand experience for the customer.

The Result

One of the biggest unknowns going into the site launch was how users would respond to buying a product averaging over $1,000. We were excited to see the first order come in the day after the initial launch.

With a launch this big, we couldn’t get everything we wanted in the first version of the site, so we worked to decide what were the most important features to launch with. Since then, we’ve continued to improve the site, making it simpler to navigate, easier to see the bikes, and streamlined the checkout process to make the order process as simple as possible.

One of the biggest requests from Fezzari was a way to recommend the best accessories for their bikes. Ultimately, we came up with a unique recommendation system, controllable by Fezzari, that replaced purchased accessories with additional recommendations. So each purchased accessory causes a new one to be put in its place, making sure there are always new accessories to showcase for each bike.

The shopping cart also allowed users to take their specific riding measurements that are logged to each order. Fezzari custom builds each bike using a specialized 23-point setup to give users an unparalleled fit from their product.

One of the features that had to wait for a future release was a custom designed AJAX search on the site. Launched at the beginning of 2010, the custom search dynamically changes results based on what a user is typing. And instead of generating a simple list of results based on the search, the results are organized into applicable groups for easier browsing. The results generated are more intuitive and easier to distinguish, making the search one of the most used features on the site.

But beyond the big features, sometimes its the small touches that really make a website resonate with the visitor. On the Fezzari site we incorporated tooltips into the categories shown on the navigation mega menus. A simple feature like that helps educate someone new to the sport on the difference between an All Mountain and Cross Country full suspension mountian bike, helping them make the proper choice when purchasing, and hopefully, staying a Fezzari customer for a long time.

“We finally have the kind of web presence that fully and accurately represents who and what we are as a business.”


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